Setup a Phonebooth Free Group


The "Groups" section of the Phonebooth Free portal allows the Phonebooth Administrator to manage the sending, or routing, of calls to multiple users in a group.

What are Groups?

A Group is a strategic way to configure how an inbound call is routed to a defined set of users, also known as group members. This system feature manages who's phone will will ring, how it will ring (strategy) and several other settings.

Where do you configure Groups?

Groups are configured and managed in the Groups section in the Administrative Portal. When you access the "Groups" section, you will see a list of existing Groups. From this point, you can either edit current Groups or add new Groups.

How to add a Group

Before you add a Group, you will need to decide the following:

    • Name of the Group
    • Users who need to be members of the Group
    • How you want to ring the group (This can be all at once/simultaneously or one at a time.)
    • How long you want to try each group member (This will be in seconds.)
    • How you want to display the Caller ID
    • What you want to do if no one answers the call

To add a Group

    1. Click on the  button.
    2. Enter a name for the group you wish to create and edit.
    3. Then, click on the  button at the bottom.


How to edit a Group

Once you have added a new Group, you will need to configure the Group to your preferences. You will be asked a fill out some information to complete the configuration of the Group.

The simple steps below outline the process. Please continue reading below the steps for further clarification and definitions to help you setup the service.

    1. Assign an extension.
    2. Assign a direct phone number for the Group. This is optional.
    3. Add group members.
    4. Select a ring strategy.
    5. Enter a ring duration.
    6. We recommend that you check the box next to answer confirmation. If you do not want group members to receive an answer confirmation to accept an inbound call to the group, make sure the box is unchecked.
    7. Enter a final destination.
    8. Choose how you would like the incoming caller's phone number displayed.
    9. Click "Update group" to save your changes.

This is a set of digits that represent a specific Group in various parts of the Phonebooth system. It is a system requirement for Groups to be assigned a unique extension. IMPORTANT: Any Auto-Attendant pointing to a Group without an assigned extension will not work. You must assign an extension to a Group.

The rules for an extension are:

    • Can be 3, 4 or 5 digits
    • 911, 9110 - 9119 and 899 to 999 can not be used
    • Must be unique and no two Groups or any other entities can have the same extension

Phone Number

The phone number area is where you can assign a direct phone number for this Group. It is not a requirement that a Group has a dedicated phone number. Additional phone numbers can be purchased for OnDemand customers. You cannot assign a phone number to a Group until an extension has been assigned. If you delete your extension, you phone number will be removed as well.

Group Members
This is where you will choose the Users who will be in your group. The left side of the list is where the Group members are and the right side is where the available Users are. You can click on the "+" to add Users and the "-" to remove Users. ONLY Users can be in this list not Auto-Attendants or other entities.

Ring Strategy
The Administrator chooses how inbound calls distributed to the group members. There are currently two options: ring everyone at the same time or ring one at a time. If you choose ring one at a time strategy, each member of the group will be called in the order that they are listed.

Ring Duration
This is the amount of time in seconds that the Groups feature will ring either everyone at the same time or each group member depending on your chosen Ring Strategy.

Answer Confirmation
If this box is checked, a short notification will play when a group member picks up the call. It will require them to press "1" to accept the call. We highly recommended using this option, but it is not required.

Final Destination
If no one in the group answers the call, the final destination setting allows the Administrator to assign an Extension or Phone Number to send the call to and for how long. If no one answers in the group or the Final Destination, then the call will be sent to the voicemail box of the first group member listed.

Incoming Caller Number
The Administrator will have the choice to display either the Caller's phone number or the number the Caller dialed to the Group Members. This is very helpful for helping the Group Members identify if a call is Group related.

Once you have everything setup click on the  button to save.

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