Setting up VLANs on a Yealink IP-phone


We understand that some companies may want to virtually separate their voice and data traffic into Virtual Local Area Networks(VLANs). The issue ius that we do lock down the administrative functions. 


The basic steps are to default the Yealink phone, setup the VLAN on the phone and then re-provision the phone to Phonebooth. 

  1. Factory Reset your phone.
    1. Press the "OK" button for 10 seconds
    2. Choose "Yes"
    3. Wait for the Phone to reboot
  2. Log into the Yealink phone's web portal by opening a browser and navigating to the IP of the Yealink phone (press "OK" button to see this) the default username is admin and the password is admin.
  3. Navigate to  the Network Tab and enter your VLAN information
  4. Save
  5. Follow the Provisioning Instructions for your Phone to re-provision it to our network. Here is the Yealink T28 as an example. 

This will work because in our provisioning we do not overwrite network settings.

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