Audio Quality: Headsets & Echo


One of the most common user issues that crop up is the prevalence of Echo when a headset is used. Unfortunately it is true headsets are more prone to echo than a handset. There are lots of reasons for this; from the quality and make of the headset to the placement and power of the microphone. Here are some things to consider:


  • Wireless headset: While wireless headsets have quality issues of their own, the manufacturer usually has more settings to handle things like interference and volume. Try using the manufacturer's suggested settings to remove echo.
  • Cheap headsets: do not use them, they usually have cheap parts, design and have few controls for echo.
  • Volume: Try tuning down the volume of the microphone or the headset. Most echo is caused by simple volume issues.
  • Compatibility: Make sure yo use a headset that has been tested  or recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Power: Sometimes power cables, un-shielded monitors or speakers, and other electrical interference can cause issue with headsets.


Headsets are very helpful for a hands-free work environment. The simple guidelines above can help, but this is not something we test at Phonebooth. We fully rely on the IP-phone manufacturer for testing and certification. Our support is not able o troubleshoot these issues to resolution.

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