Set up an informational option or greeting in an Auto-Attendant



Sometimes there is a need to give information in an Auto-attendant (i.e. Hours of Operation, Directions to Office or just an announcement). This can easily be done in Phonebooth's Auto-Attendant. 

We are going to use an hours of operations example for this "How To" since all of these are very similar they are an announcements. In fact, only the recorded message is different.

Example: Hours of Operations

Step 1:

Log into your Phonebooth Portal (make sure you have Local Administrator privileges) to learn more click here -->

Step 2:

Navigate to the Auto-attendants section of you Admin Portal

Step 3:

If you have not created an Auto-attendant for your company please do so now. See other articles about setting up an Auto-attendant,click here -->

Step 4:

To create the Hours of Operations notification, you will need to create another Auto-attendant. Remember to give it an extension and a name (i.e. Hours of Operations)

Step 5:

Create a greeting for this Auto-attendant giving your hours of operations. (i.e. M-F 9 to 5 and closed on the weekends). Use the button to do this or upload a file. Remember to test your recording by clicking on the  button. If the  button is gray, the recording did not save.

Step 6: (optional)

If you want the caller to be able to back out or dial other things while in the notification message like "0" for the operator or "*" to go back up to the main menu, set that up using the Phone Pad now. Remember that to play the greeting of another Auto-attendant, set the option to "Auto-attendant " and choose the one you want them to go to. Some people like to do this with all of the options so that if the caller hits any button, they will be sent back to the main menu. Make sure you account for this in the greeting message so that the caller knows what to do.

Step 7:

Link the newly created "Hours of Operations" Auto-attendant to your current company auto-attendant. Just choose an option 1-9, 0 or* and assign the newly created Auto-attendant. Make sure to include the new option in your recorded greeting, otherwise no one will know it is there.

End Result

In the end callers should hear your greeting with an option to hear your announcement (whatever it is), choose that option and hear your announcement and then choose another option to continue on with their call. 

A helpful tip is to ALWAYS test your results and make sure you have not given a dead-end to your caller. Nobody like to be required to hang up and then call back.

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