How to Troubleshoot your Phonebooth Service


In this post, we discuss how to troubleshoot an issue in Phonebooth. 

What issue are you experiencing?

Phone Problems

If you are having issue with your phone registering, using your phone, or setting it up, please select your phone from the list of phone specific guides below. Only models of IP-phones known to work with Phonebooth are represented in the list.

Choose Your Phone: 

IP 331 T20
IP 450 T22
IP 550 T26
IP 650 T28
IP 5000  
IP 6000  
IP 7000  

Do not see your phone in the list? Suggest new brands or models 

Inbound Calls Failing

  1. Make sure the Phonebooth number you are calling is assigned to a Group, User or Auto-Attendant.
  2. Make sure the Phonebooth Group, User or Auto-attendant being called has an extension assigned.
  3. If calls are going to an Auto-Attendant, make sure you have setup the options in the Number Pad. Learn how to setup an Auto-Attendant
  4. If calls are going to a Group, make sure that at least one User is chosen as a member in the group and that the User has a valid extension. Learn how to setup a Group
  5. If calls are going to voice-mail but not to an IP-Phone, make sure the phone is plugged in, setup properly and has been assigned to the User. Please reference the phone section above or see the Phones section of the Phonebooth Community for further instruction.

Outbound Calls Failing

  1. Make sure the number can be dialed from a cell phone or phone not connected with your phone system.
  2. Make sure your phone is registered. Follow phone configuration instructions for your phone. See list above
  3. Make sure your Internet router/firewall does not have ALG or SPI service turned on.
  4. There are some numbers to which we do not terminate calls. Please contact Customer Care if you find that you can call a number with an outside phone but the call fails.

Bad Audio Quality

If you are experiencing low quality when making or receiving calls, it is very helpful to understand the different types of call quality issues in order to minimize their impact. Use the list below to learn more about what is happening. 

  1. Echo issue?
  2. Audio dropping out?
  3. Robotic Voice?
  4. Noisy Call?
  5. Calls Dropping?
  6. One-way audio?
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