Troubleshoot: Dropped Call on Warm Transfer- Polycom


Troubleshoot Dropped Calls on Warm Transfers- Polycom



Durring an in or outbound call placed to/from a polycom handset, if the user attempts a warm transfer the call with transfer initially, but be dropped after 10-15 seconds (A warm transfer is any transfer in which after dialing the transfer destination you wait for that party to begin ringing and/or answer before hitting transfer again).

Phones Effected

All Polycom models supported by Phonebooth

Current Work Around

At this time we recomend simply performing a cold transfer at all times. To perform a cold transfer follow these steps after a call is connected in which you need to transfer it.

  1. Press Transfer
  2. Dial the destination number or extension
  3. Immediately press transfer again

Note: Certain handsets will not let you hit transfer again until the destination rings. In this case, instead of dialing the number after hitting transfer initially, you should be presented a soft button that says "Blind". In that case, press the "Blind" button before performing step 2.

So long as you complete step 3 prior to the transfer destination beginning to ring the call will remain connected after the completed transfer. If you still experience issues with dropped calls preforming a cold transfer as described above, please reach out to support using our normal support channels as your issue is not covered under this scope.

Additional Information

As a note, the provided work around does prevent you from informing the destination of the transfer before you preform it. If you are in a situation that you must speak to the other party before you transfer the call, this requires a few more steps on your part, but is still possible.

  1. Place the initial caller on hold, advise them you will be transferring them
  2. Open a 2nd line on your handset and dial the destination extension you wish to reach, let them answer and advise them of the pending transfer
  3. After you speak with that party, release the 2nd call, resume the first call and immediatly follow the 3 steps above.

The customer's experience will be identical as they will simply hear hold music the whole time as they would have normally during a warm transfer.

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