How to Get Support


The Phonebooth team is determined to provide the best level of support to our OnDemand customers whether online, via email or over the phone. We have developed a collaborative support model to best help our customer in a timely manor. The following FAQ will help identify the best ways to get help from the Phonebooth team:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find service documentation?

We have built up a repository of documentation in our Phonebooth Help Center. Feel free to browse or search our documentation. 

Can I enter a support ticket online?

Yes you can. This article will explain how.

Can I email support?

Yes you can email support at this will automatically open a ticket but without any information, it might not be prioritized properly. This is a good method if you are locked out of your service and unable to open a ticket via the portal.

Can I call into support?

Yes you can by dialing 855-MyBooth (855.692.6684). This team will appropritely prioritize your request for engineering support. They will direct general questions to the Community.

What do I do if I can't login to my Phonebooth Portal?

Send in an email to Make sure to identify your company name or domain in the email.

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