Changing inbound calls to my Phonebooth voicemail and not my cell phone voicemail?


There are 2 scenarios where a user or admin can route a call to an outside number: 

  1. Find Me Follow Me capability for Users
  2. Group Final Destination  (remember that the system ignores the Find-me rules of members of the group) 

If the number of seconds that you have set up (in your portal) the Find Me Follow Me to ring your cell is less than the number of seconds that your cell phone will ring before going to voicemail, the call will be dropped into your cell voicemail before moving back to your Phonebooth portal voicemail. 

Troubleshooting Tip

Sometimes this can be a challenge with cellular phones. If the User chooses to ignore or reject the call on the cellular phone, the cellular network will immediately route the caller to voicemail, thus ending the progress of the call and dumping the call into the cell phone's voicemail. 

In Groups we mitigated this issue by adding "Answer Confirmation". This feature requires that the group member receiving the call confirm by pressing a "1" that they want to take the call. Unless someone presses "1," the call will continue all the way to Phonebooth voicemail.
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