Why does Phonebooth not give out SIP credentials?


This is a question I get all of the time from SIP savvy customers, so I thought I should address this with our reasoning behind this decision. It is a decision we made based on a few factors:

  • Ease of implementation - We know that most small business owners are not SIP savvy and we want to give them the most simple experience possible without a lot of the technical hassle. To do this we need to have control over phone provisioning experience since this is the most stressful time in the life-cycle of the service.
  • Security - We know that with a shared platform, like Phonebooth, we need to be very mindful of how we protect our SIP endpoints. We know that a lot of our competition gives out their SIP credentials and even allow administrators to change the SIP password. This can really put their service at risk.
  • Reliability - Not all SIP endpoints are created equal. We do a lot of testing on the phones we deploy and recommend. In my 10+ years of VoIP experience I have seen some large service providers brought to their knees by poorly designed and programmed IP-phones.
  • Financial - Yes there is also a financial reason. When a hosted PBX provider delivers SIP credentials it also allows customers to assign seats to their existing phone system in the form of SIP trunks. This is very bad since the cost structure of an office user and the cost structure of a SIP Trunk are extremely different. Carriers, like Phonebooth, base costs for inbound and outbound calling by the minute. We put together Unlimited plans based on the average usage for the product. Since most companies have between 3 users to every one line to even 7 users per one line it stands to reason that a user seat should cost less than a SIP Trunk. Most hosted providers charge more for their seats to compensate for this inevitability. We have one of the lowest unlimited SIP trunking prices in the industry at between $25 and $30, yet we can still offer a starting price of $20 seat on our Phonebooth Ondemand product.

We want to continue developing the most innovative, simple to use, stable and cost effective solution to small businesses. That is why we do not give out SIP credentials.

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