Setup a Phonebooth Free Auto-Attendant


The "Auto-Attendants" section of the Phonebooth platform, allows the Local Administrators setup new Auto-Attendants and manage existing Auto-Attendants.

What is an Auto-Attendant?

Auto-Attendants (aka Voice Menus, IVRs, or Call Trees) are a powerful way for companies to manage incoming calls. Auto-Attendants allow inbound callers to choose from predefined options to assist in automating call routing. This is great for companies who do not want to personally answer each incoming call. An example would be for sales press "1" or for support press "2". 

Where do you configure Auto-Attendants?

Auto-Attendants are configured in the Auto-Attendant Management section in the Administrative Portal. When you enter the "Auto-Attendants" section, you will see a list of current Auto-attendants. From here you can either edit current auto-attendants or add additional ones.

How to add an Auto-Attendant

Steps to create a new Auto-attendant:

  1. To add a new Auto-Attendant click on the  button
  2. Enter a unique name (at least 5 characters long)
  3. Click on the "Create new attendant" button

Continue adding or editing an Auto-Attendant

Extension: This is a set of digits that represent this Auto-attendant. It is used in various parts of the system and is REQUIRED! The only rules for an extension are: (THE AUTO-ATTENDANT WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT AN EXTENSION!!!)

- Can be 3, 4 or 5 digits

- 911, 9110 - 9119 and 899 to 999 can not be used

- Must be unique, no two entities can have the same extension

Phone Number: The phone number area is where you can assign a direct phone number for this Auto-attendant. It is not a requirement that an Auto-attendant has a dedicated phone number. Additional phone numbers can be purchased for OnDemand customers, Free customers only have one phone number. You cannot assign a phone number to an Auto-attendant until an extension has been assigned. If you delete your extension, you phone number will be removed as well.

Strategy: The first thing you should do is think about what experience you want your Callers to have. Write down the calling script first.

Example Script -  "Thank you for calling our company if you know your party's extension you may dial it at any time, for sales press 1 for support press 2, for an operator press 0 or press * to hear this message again.

The next thing is to make sure you have ALL of your Users setup and any Groups required to fit your script. If we look at the Example Script, you will see that we need two groups one for Sales and one for Support and you will need to know who will be the Operator (if the Operator is multiple people, you will need another Group).

Once all of the outside elements are ready you can complete the setup of the Auto-attendant.

Create Greeting:

Record icon - this will be available immediately. Click on this icon to be presented with the option to enter your phone number. Either put the phone number of an external phone (mobile or other) or extension (internal phone). The default for Phonebooth OnDemand is "Extension" and Phone number" is the sole option for Phonebooth Free customers.


Play icon - this will only be available after recording your Auto-attendant Greeting. Once recorded, click on this icon to play the greeting to make sure it sounds the way you prefer.

Phone Pad Setup: the Phone Pad is where you will assign that actions you want performed when a caller enters an option number.


Setting up Attendant Numbers: Based on the Example Script above, we will need to click on Option 1 and assign "Sales' group. Follow the chart below for where to click and setup each group based on the number to be pressed. Repeat for as many number groups that you would need.


Add Support: Next you will want to add support. Click "0" for support and select which user will accept calls for support.


Main Greeting: Finally to make it so that * replays the main greeting you will need to:

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