Phonebooth Free Administrative Portal Home Page


The home page is first page available to the Administrator. It provides very useful top-level management information. From this location, you can access all parts of the Phonebooth Free portal.

Account information:

Users: Displays how many Users how many have been configured (You've Used) out of the 50 allotted users for Phonebooth Free.
Groups: Displays how many Groups are setup (You've Used) and any setup limits or additional information indicated or required for each.
Auto-Attendants: Displays how many Auto-Attendants are setup (You've Used) and any setup limits and additional information or parameters setup, if applicable for your Phonebooth plan.
Voicemail Transcriptions: Displays how many voicemail transcriptions have been sent (You've Used) out of the 50 allotted transcriptions for Phonebooth Free. This limit is for all users in the Free account.

Free Monthly Minutes: Displays how many minutes have been used of the 200 minutes included. Additional minutes may be purchased.

Phonebooth Free Store:

An Administrator can purchase additional minutes for use with their Phonebooth Free service in $10 increments. You get 333 minutes for $10.

Click "Add $10" to add minutes to your account. Enter your credit card information and click "Update."

To return to the home page at any time, click the "Home" link at the top right of any page in the Administrative Portal.

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