Why does my username work on one computer but not on another?


Why does my username work on one computer but not on another? You can successfully use the softphone from one computer, but when you try to log in with exact same username and password on another computer, it fails. You may see the error say "the login details do not match our records."

This can happen when you are attempting to access the softphone from more computers than you have users. Currently, Phonebooth uses a license-based model to limit the number of installations of the softphone. At present, Phonebooth caps the total number computers that can successfully log in to the softphone to two times the amount of users your account pays for. For instance, if you have 10 users, then 20 computers can successfully log in to the softphone.

However, the same user can log on to multiple machines and any mix of computers is supported so long as the total number of computers does not exceed two times the total number of paid users.

For example, given the 10 user scenario described above, the account administrator may one enable 8 users to have log in access to the softphone. If each of these users log in with only one computer, there are still 12 remaining computers that this group of users can log into. Perhaps 2 of these users install and use from a laptop. Now there are 10 remaining licenses.

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