Setting up the other three line buttons on the T-28


One question I have been getting a lot recently, unfortunately not in the Community, is "Why do you only show 3 lines on my Yealink T-28 when I bought a 6 line phone". I usually get this with a bit of vitriol.

We do have our reasons that 6 lines active is not our default.

  • most people want to use the lines for other things (speed dials and such)
  • 6 lines is usually overwhelming for a typical user. Not all of them are receptionists.
  • a lot of our customers' Internet connections can't handle 6 simultaneous calls anyway.

Even though 6 lines is not our default, we do not actually stop you from setting up the additional lines. Here are the steps to set this up on your Yealink T-28 phone:

  1. Press menu button
  2. Navigate to Features (2)
  3. DSS Keys (3)
  4. Line Keys (1)
  5. Scroll to DSS Keys 4, 5 or 6
  6. Change the Account ID to Line 1 for each one you want and then save

The changes will be immediate. I recommend re-booting the phone, but it is not required.

Do not change the options for line key 1, 2 or 3 they will only be overwritten on the next reboot.

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