How to set up a receptionist(s) to answer call before routing to an Auto-attendant



Many companies do not want an impersonal Auto-attendant to be the first thing a caller hears when calling into their company, but want to make sure that if their receptionist(s) is not able to answer the call, that it will route to the Auto-attendant.


  1. Setup a Group and assign the main company phone number to it. See Groups to learn more -->
  2. Place the receptionist(s) into the group.
  3. Then have the final destination of the group be the Auto-attendant extension.

Note: To prevent a loop, we have made it so that a call can only forward internally 2 times. Example - a call comes into a Group and rings 4 or 5 people and  then forwards to the Auto-attendant (one forward) and then the caller chooses an option to return to the operator (Group) (forward 2). The call will not go back to the Auto-attendant, it will drop into the ist person in the Group's voicemail.


This will make it so that the inbound call tries all of the users in the group and then goes to the Auto-Attendant if nobody answers.


You may want to disable "Answer Confirmation". It might get annoying to press 1 to take all calls, but if you have a bunch of people answering it might be helpful.

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