Audio Quality: What causes calls to drop?



A call drop is when an established call terminates early, before either side of the call hangs up.


Step 1: Check your Internet Connection - Since the most common reason for dropping calls is a loss in Internet connectivity or network connectivity, check to make sure your Internet is in good working order.

Suggestion: Setup a monitoring service that alerts you when your network is unreachable. This is helpful since some connections can drop and re-establish very quickly. Enough to drop a call, but not enough to notice otherwise.

Step 2: If this issue is frequent, have a qualified network engineer look at your network to make sure your routers, switches and network setup are working properly.

Do not rule out that the other side of the call dropped! Always call the other party back and make sure they did not drop and were not on a cell phone (cell phones, due to their mobile nature, drop calls more than static phones).

Questions to answer:

We ask the follwing questions to ourselves all the time. When a User contacts us with this issue, we try to correlate this to other tickets to make sure it is not a network problem on our end. Over 95% of the time it boils down to the local Internet connection or the local office network.

  • When did the call drop? - Timing is everything
  • Did the other side of the call drop accidentally? - Not your issue
  • Did everyone in office drop? - Internet or network outage
  • What was going on in the network at the same time? - Big file download or video.
  • How frequent is this issue? - If it happens infrequently, it is hard to track down. Look at time of day and compare to other drops.
  • Was one of the callers on a cell phone? - Cellular phones drop more than any other service.
  • Was this on a conference call? - Many conference calling platforms drop users. Just log back in since this is almost impossible too troubleshoot.
  • Is it repeatable? Can you make it happen at will? - If you can make it happen every time, it is much easier to figure out.
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