Routers: D-Link DIR-601 Wireless-N 150


Trying out a low cost router from D-Link

I recently purchased a D-Link DIR-601 Wireless-N 150 Router available at places like Amazon or Walmart for around $26.00. I had heard about an issue with getting IP phones to be able to handle incoming calls, so I put it through a few tests.

When I received the router, the firmware was a little out of date at version 1.01NA. I decided to start my testing at this version and see if I could break it. What I found was that everything worked fine out of the box. Basically the default configuration worked properly in every test I did.

I then started adjusting the different settings that usually break VoIP under the Firewall section.

I enabled SPI - Worked fine

I disabled SIP (under ALG settings) - This finally broke calling.

What I learned is; as long as you have SIP turned on in the Application Layer Gateway (ALG) setting, you will be fine. Disabling SIP caused the router to block all outbound SIP requests from leaving the router.

I finally upgraded the firmware to 1.02NA and re-tested and there was no change to the results. It just worked.

I can't speak for other models of the DIR series, but this one is working as advertised. It is also quite inexpensive. I would not recommend this for a large office but if you are a smaller office then it should work well.

Let me know if you have this router and what your experiences are.

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