How to Set Up Time Based Routing Auto-attendant


What happens to your auto-attendant after you leave the office? 

Time-based routing is an optional feature that allows you to have control over what options or greetings are played to callers depending on time of day or day of week. It allows you to set up an entirely separate auto attendant that can be scheduled to play only during non-business hours.  It even allows you to schedule a rule for weekends.

Note: Prior to setting up this feature you should have at least two auto attendants already set up.

         To learn how to set up an auto attendants click HERE.

This new feature is located under the Auto Attendants icon. 

Click on any of your current auto attendants.  Underneath the phone pad you will see the section Time-based routing. Click on the link that says "Create call handling schedule".


A separate window will appear with two steps to complete before this feature can be turned on.

Step 1: When should this auto-attendant answer calls?

The first step is to set the days and corresponding times for when the auto-attendant will be available.

  • Time zone: Make sure that you note the time zone. This can be modified globally in the Settings & Tools section of the portal.
  • Weekdays/Weekends: Next, you can choose to schedule either weekdays or the weekend.  For each section you can either set it up to stay the same all week/weekend, or change from day to day. Within each day or week/weekend, you can select when your auto attendant is available.  

Step 2: Which auto-attendant should answer calls outside of these times?

The second step is a drop down menu where you can select which auto-attendant to use during the times outside of what you just determined above.  Once you have made that selection click on "Save"

 Please make note that you can only have one time-based routing feature set up at a time. If an off-hours Auto-attendant contains time-based routing rules, they will be ignored.

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