Audio Quality: Clipping or Audio Dropping Out



Clipping is a voice issue that causes parts of words during a call to be cut out. This is usually caused by a high rate of packet loss or packet discard due to jitter. It also may be caused by Voice Activity Detection (VAD) associated with the echo cancellation. VAD is used with some VoIP CODECs to determine if speech is present. If there is no speech present, the packets are not transmitted. Echo cancellation uses a similar voice detection method to mask echo in low level speech signals and may actually insert silence. Another possible cause is a high rate of Internet access failure.

Clipping is usually described as "choppy," "garbled" or "missing parts of words." There are basically 2 classifications of this issue:

a. Clipping - parts of words are cut out randomly.

b. Dipping - the beginning and the end of words are truncated.


The key to resolving clipping and dipping issues is to try to identify the source of the packet loss or discard. This is usually related to your Internet access. Make sure your Internet service is not dropping packets or getting overly congested. Check with a network professional to arrange a network health check.

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