How to Setup a User


The "Users" section of the Phonebooth OnDemand platform, allows the Local Administrator to setup new Users, as well as manage existing ones.

What are Users?

Users - Essentially the people who use your phone system. You will also require a user if you want to power any IP-phone, such as a lobby phone, a break room phone or a conference room phone. Users are also the only section of the service that contain a voicemail box.

Where do you configure Users?

Users are configured in the "User" section in the Administrative Portal. When you enter the "Users" section, you will see a list of current users. From here, you can either edit current users or add additional users.

How to add a User

Adding a User

  1. To add a user, you will need to click on  button in the "Users" section of the portal.
  2. You will need to know the full name of the user and enter their First name and Last name.
  3. Choose a Username. (This will be used to login to the User portal.)
  4. Enter the User's email address. (This will be where the voicemail notifications will be sent)
  5. Choose a unique Extension for the User. Can be 3, 4 or 5 digits, but cannot use 899 to 999 range (these are for internal use only) and cannot begin with 911 (i.e. 9110 or 91100)
  6. Choose a Password. You can use an auto-generated temporary password or choose one for the User. This is also used to login to the User portal. Users can change this themselves.
  7. Finally, click on the "Create new user" button to continue adding the user.

Editing the User

After clicking the "Create new user" button you will immediately be taken to the screen that you normally see when you edit a specific User. This page allows you to complete the setup of the new User account. You will notice there are three tabs at the top of this screen: Account; Find Me, Follow Me and Contact Us Plus.

Account Tab


This field is will be used by the User to login to their User portal. The username cannot be deleted or changed without removing the user.


This is the email which voicemail messages with transcriptions will be sent.


This simple "Yes/No" toggle enables and disables Administrator privileges for specific Users. The default is set to "No." A User flagged as an "Yes" will have full access to the Administrative portal, whereas standard User account will only show personal options in the portal.

Web Password

This is where you can reset a User's or Administrator's password for the Phonebooth portal.


This set of digits that represent individual Users and used in various parts of the system. It is REQUIRED that you must set a unique extension for each User so that the User's Phonebooth account works properly. This number can be changed at any time, but it cannot be empty.

The rules for assigning an extension are:

    • Can be 3, 4 or 5 digits
    • 899 to 999 can not be used
    • Extensions cannot begin with 911 (i.e. 9110 or 91100)
    • Must be unique and no two users or any other entity(Group or Auto-attendant) can share the same extension

Phone Number

The phone number area is where you can assign a direct phone number for a User. It is not always necessary for a User to be assigned a dedicated phone number.

Phonebooth OnDemand comes with two phone numbers, and additional phone numbers can be purchased.


The device setting allows Administrators to associate and assign IP-phones to specific users. User accounts are the only entity in the system to which phones may be assigned. This option is not available to Phonebooth Free customers.

Recorded Name

Users or Administrators can record their name greeting for their voicemail system. There are two icons used for this. Most of the time, this is used in the dial-by-name directory from the Auto-Attendant, but it may be used in other areas of the system as well.



Record icon - This will be available immediately. When you click on this icon, you will be presented with the option to enter your phone number. Enter the number of an external phone (mobile or otherwise) or extension (internal phone) and the Phonebooth system will call you to record your name. The default for Phonebooth OnDemand is "Extension," and the sole option for Phonebooth Free customers is "Phone   number."

Play icon - This will become available after recording your name. Once a name is recorded, you can click on this icon to play the recorded name.

For more information on how to record your name for the voicemail system, please view Voicemail Portal.

Voicemail Greeting

Users or Administrators can record their full voicemail greeting. The setup is similar in manner to recording your name. For more information on how to record your voicemail greeting, please view Voicemail Portal.

Voicemail Password

You can set a password for a User's voicemail. The password must be between 4 and 8 digits long and can only use digits 0-9.


If a User is a member of any Groups, the name of the Group will be listed here. You can also add or remove a User from a Group here.

Default Area Code

OnDemand customers can set the default area code for a User. This setting allows callers to dial a 7-digit number and Phonebooth will add on the default area code. If this field is not set, User cannot dial 7-digit phone numbers.

Time Zone

This affects many areas of the service from voicemail to call logs and even the time on IP-phones. Make sure to set this properly.

Caller ID

This is where the Administrator can choose what number will be displayed when the User makes an outbound call. It is very important to set this correctly since it may be used for 911.

Find Me, Follow Me Tab

Also known as call routing, Find Me Follow Me lets you decide what happens when your phone rings. It can ring your home phone, mobile phone or any number you choose. There are three areas to think about as you setup Find Me Follow Me.

1. Do you want ring your IP-phone at all?
You are given the option to either ring your desk phone or not ring your desk phone. If you want to ring your phone, you will need to set the amount of time in seconds that you would like the phone to ring the default is 16 seconds. 

2. If that phone does not answer or you did not want it to ring, where would you like the call to go?

If you want your calls routed to another phone number, make sure the box next to "Forward the call using rules" is checked. You can then choose to send the call to other internal destinations or external numbers. You can have up to two Find Me Follow Me destinations. These additional destinations will ring one at a time in the order they are listed.

Be sure to pay special attention to the amount of time that is set to ring a Find Me Follow Me destination. Mobile phones may take up to 10 seconds to begin ringing. We recommend testing the number of seconds to make sure that the call rings your phone enough times to answer it, but is still terminated in your Phonebooth voicemail. This may take some testing.

3. Verify that voicemail is setup to be sent to the correct email address.
If this is incorrect, it must be changed on the Account tab.

4. Save your work.
After you are done, click the "Save call flow" button at the bottom of the page.


Contact Us Plus Tab

If you  plan to setup individual Users in your Contact Us Plus Widget, you will need to use the Contact Us Plus tab on the User setup page. If you are not planning to use the Contact Us Plus Widget for individual users, it is not necessary to setup the information on this tab.

The Contact Us Plus tab allows the User and Administrator to assign three user specific items:

Provide just your Twitter username. Don't put in a URL link, just use your username without the "@" symbol. For instance, you would simply provide Phonebooth. Neither @Phonebooth nor your URL ( would be acceptable. Click here to learn more or to sign up for Twitter.

If you provide this information, Phonebooth will display a link to your Tweet stream on your Contact Us Plus widget.

Provide just your username portion of your LinkedIn Personal URL. For instance, if your Personal URL is, you would provide phoneboothClick here to learn more about LinkedIn's use of Personal URLs. Need to sign up for LinkedIn? Click here to get started.

If you provide this information, Phonebooth will display a link to your LinkedIn Public Profile on your Contact Us Plus widget.

Gravatar is an easy way to add your profile picture to your account. Phonebooth uses this image for Contact Us Plus. Simply enter your Gravatar email address. Need to make a Gravatar? Click here to get your Gravatar.

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