Welcome to the Call Recording Beta


Thanks for joining the Phonebooth Call Recording! Here's what you'll need to know to get started:

What is Phonebooth Call Recording?
Phonebooth Call Recording adds the ability to record incoming and outgoing calls for your business.  You'll have the ability to configure which calls you want to be recorded and play/download the recordings.

What does Beta mean?
Beta means that Phonebooth Call Recording is fully enabled for your account and other members of this private Beta.  We are still testing out certain aspects of Call Recording, and we want you to be an active participant by using Call Recording and giving us feedback.  Once the testing is done, the feature will be available to all Phonebooth customers.

How do I setup call recording?
We have a help document, How to Setup Call Recording, explaining the initial setup.  We'll add more content like this as we go.

Where can I provide feedback?
Comments have been turned on in this welcome. Feel free to comment and we will try to help.

Thanks for your participation in the Beta.  

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