How to Open a Support Ticket (Request)


The Phonebooth Community can answer questions and help you resolve the vast majority of problems you may encounter.  In the event you still need help after using the community,  you can work with one of our Technical Assistance engineers.  To engage an engineer for a service request or anything that can't be handled via the Phonebooth portal, you will need to open a ticket. The following steps will take you through this process:

 Note: For any problems that result in you not being able to make or recieve calls or any other service hard down scenario, please call in to our support team so that your issue can be prioritized and addressed with the appropriate urgent priority. Tickets that you open while calling into our tele-support team will also show up in your online portal.


Step 1: Log In to the Phonebooth Administrative Portal

You must be either an Administrator or Account Owner in order to open a ticket. Users can view tickets but they cannot open a ticket. for login instructions, click here.

Step 2: Click on the Support Link

Click on the "Support" link at the top right side of the page to open the Ticketing interface.

Step 3: Validate That Your Issue Has Not Already Been Reported

The first screen that comes up will show you any tickets that have been opened for your company. Please make sure another Administrator has not already reported the issue.

Step 4: Create a New Ticket

To open a new ticket click on the "Create New Ticket" button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Choose the Correct Ticket Type

This is very important because we route and prioritize our tickets based on the ticket type. Please take a moment to choose the option that best fits your issue.



Options Legend:

Setup/Configuration - If you are having initial setup issues with any section of the portal or phones, this option is for you. Remember the Community should be your first stop for instructions and questions but if that fails, feel free to open a Ticket.

Service Request - If you need a change to your service or account that you are unable to perform via the online portal, this is the proper option.

Portal Issue - If the portal is failing or has a bug, please report that here.

Informational or General Inquiry - If you have a general question, you may enter it here. Remember that we are better equipped in the Community to field questions. Ticketing is typically staffed by engineers working to fix high priority technical issues.

Call Routing/Completion - If you are having trouble making or receiving calls this is the right option for you. Please do not use this option if you are initially setting up the service. Use this option if service worked and then stopped.

Billing Support - If you have a billing question, issue or need to make account billing changes, choose this option.

Audio Quality - If you are having an issue with call quality (call clipping, echo or distortion), please choose this option. keep in mind that we will require at least one call example to open this kind of ticket and might require up to three example to troubleshoot. The examples must be within 12 hours of opening the ticket or they will be rejected.

Account Cancellation - If you would like to cancel your service, choose this option.

Step 6: Describe the Issue

Next you will be asked to further describe the issue, with a few additional questions. Please fill out the required information and click on the "Create my ticket" button to create the ticket.

Ticket Follow-up

Ticket updates and changes will now be handled through e-mail. Any work done by the engineers or Phonebooth staff will be updated via e-mail or over the phone always referencing the appropriate ticket number.

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