How to Setup a Multi-Tiered Auto-Attendant


Scenario Description

You may want to have tiered Auto-Attendants, where your main Auto-Attendant options point to subsequent Auto-Attendants. (ex. Pressing option 1 brings you to a Sales Auto-Attendant, option 2 brings you to a Support Auto-Attendant, etc.)


  1. Create Main Auto-Attendant, including its extension and, if needed, an external DID.
  2. Create Sales Auto-Attendant including its extension.
  3. Create Support Auto Attendant including its extension.
  4. Edit the Main Auto Attendant.
  5. Select option 1 and assign it to voice menu Sales, select option 2 and assign it to voice menu Support, etc.


The steps above should help you setup any tiered Auto-Attendant. This example references sales and support Auto-Attendants.

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