Acronyms: LOA, FOC, BTN, LSP, CSR, LSR


LOA - Letter of Authorization This is the form you will need to fill out when porting your number(s).  This form gives us permission to request, on your behalf, to port your number(s) to a different phone provider.  For a copy of this form please click HERE for local numbers and HERE for toll free numbers.  For information on what you will need to fill out this form click HERE

FOC - Firm Order Commitment.  This is the date that is issued by the Losing Service Provider (LSP) as to when a phone provider can port a number(s).  This date can only be issued by the LSP.  The gaining phone provider has no control over what date is issued.

BTN - Billing Telephone Number This is the main telephone number listed on your account. Depending on what type of account you have, you could have just one BTN or you could have several.   When porting numbers to Phonebooth you want to be sure to ask your current phone provider what the BTN(s) is/are for the number(s) you wish to port.

LSP - Losing Service Provider This is the phone provider that your number(s) is/are leaving from.

CSR - Customer Service Record.  Every carrier has a record that houses your number(s), address, and billing telephone number(s). This is the record that is used to verify your information during the porting process.  Please note the information listed on the CSR may not be the same information listed on the billing portion of your account. 

LSR - Local Service Request.  This is the actual part of the order  that the Losing Service Provider (LSP) will receive from the gaining phone provider.  All of the information on this part of the order must match the LSP's Customer Service Record (CSR) in order for them to issue a Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date.

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