How to Add a Device


Phonebooth Administrators and Owners now have the ability to load their Approved IP-phones to the Phonebooth service in preparation for assigning them to a User.


1. MAC Address: You will need to know the MAC address of the IP-phone you want to add. Please check the compatibility list and the provisioning instructions for additional information. The MAC address is generally on the back of the phone. For the Polycom phones the MAC is the serial number.

2. Administrative Portal: Log into your Phonebooth Administrative Portal. You must be a Phonebooth OnDemand customer and must be setup with Admin or Owner privileges.

3. Settings --> Devices: Navigate to the Settings section then to the Devices tab.

4. Add device: click on the  button

5. Enter MAC Address: Enter the MAC Address of the phone. Make sure it is correct. This is very important since you cannot delete a MAC address without opening a support request.

6. Assign a 911 Location: Make sure you assign the location that this phone will reside at for 911 purposes. If you do not see the address in the list, please add it in the e911 Locations Tab before continuing. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

7. Add device: Click on the  button to continue

8. Confirmation: Next you will be given the chance to review your entry. You are given the choice to "Finish adding device" or "Make a correction". THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You will not be able to remove it if it is incorrect.

Troubleshooting Issue

  • Unsupported Phone: You may receive an error if the phone is not from an approved manufacturer. Make sure to check the Approved Phone List.
  • Phone Already Assigned: You may also receive an error if the MAC is assigned to another company. If you get this error, please double check your MAC address and if it is correct, then open a support request via the portal.
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