Setting up Your Phonebooth Service


As a new Phonebooth customer you will need to follow some simple guidelines in order to setup your service. I will attempt to go through these as simple steps, keep in mind that depending on your complexity, you may need to tweak and refine the service to your specific situation after the initial setup.

Administrative Portal

The Administrative portal is where the Administrator will do most of the work of configuring the Phonebooth OnDemand service. Once you order the service online you will receive an email with login credentials and instructions to get you started.

If you need additional help and tips to login in to the Administrative portal click here -->

Navigating the Portal

If you would like a quick tour of the Administration Portal click here -->

Setting Up Your Users

It is very important to setup all of your people first, since they are the stopping point for your inbound calls. Users can have IP-phones, mobile phone, voicemail and can even route calls outside of your office. To learn more about setting up Users, click here -->

Planning Your Inbound Call Strategy

I wrote a blog post earlier to cover this planning need in a little more detail. To read more on Inbound Call Strategy, click here -->

Setting Up an Automated Attendant

An Automated Attendant, or Auto-Attendant, is part of an inbound call strategy that allows callers to choose how and where to be routed. To learn more about Auto-attendants, click here -->

Setting Up Call Groups

A Group is an inbound call strategy to route calls directly to a group of users. To learn more about how to setup a Group, click here -->



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