Getting Started: OS X Users


Install the Phonebooth Softphone application

  1. Download the Mac OS X softphone. If you are using Windows, go to these instructions.
  2. After the file download completes, open on the downloaded DMG installation file.
  3. Agree to all legal documents.
  4. Copy the Phonebooth softphone application by dragging the Phonebooth icon to the Applications folder.

  5. After the copy is complete, un-mount the Phonebooth volume.

Start the application

  1. Open application by double clicking on the Phonebooth icon in the applications folder
  2. Optionally, you can drag the Phonebooth icon to your Dock for easy access
  3. Enter your Phonebooth username and password, and press Login

Start calling

  1. Enter the phone number you want to call into the text box that says Enter name or number
  2. Press Call button
  3. To end call, press End button
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