How to Setup Call Recording


Administrators can access the Call Recording settings under Tools & Settings >> Call Recording.  You will be prompted to accept new Terms & Conditions related to recording calls.  To setup Call Recording, click the "Set call recording preferences" link.

From here, you can configure which calls you want recorded for your company:

  1. First choose what kind of call you want to record: Incoming, Outgoing, or both.  (this is for Users Only)
  2. Next, select who's calls you want to record by adding Users and/or Groups to the list on the right. 
  3. You have the option of not recording shorter duration calls.
  4. You can choose whether or not to indicate to the callers that the call is being recorded, using either a notification message, a periodic beep, or both.


Note: Groups can only record incoming calls to the Group. Outbound calls are not associated to Groups.

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