Setting up Phonebooth OnDemand with Residential DSL


Phonebooth does NOT recommend Residential DSL service for multi-user Phonebooth offices. Typically Residential DSL is characterized by:

  • Limited support service level guarantees
  • May have business use limitations
  • Greater possibility of port blocking, causing call issues like one-way audio or call drops
  • Slow upload speeds
  • Shared bandwidth - Residential DSL typically shares its bandwidth with every user in its area. This makes it hard to predict what the bandwidth quality will be at any given time. An example would be low speed in the afternoon as children arrive home from school.

Residentail DSL may be useful for a single user remote office as long as the remote user does not handle too many calls at one time. 

TIP: Use the speed test at to test your speed. It is a good idea to do this a few times a day, when your utilization is at its highest and get an average of your speed. You can also use the VoIP tester at to get a more detailed look at your network.
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