Settings Section


The Settings section of the Phonebooth OnDemand Administrator Portal is where the Administrator can view current phone numbers and the User assignments, manage devices and associate them to 911 locations and add & manage existing 911 locations.

Phone Numbers

The Phone Numbers tab is where the Administrator can see all of the numbers assigned to their company. It also shows which extension is assigned to each number.



The Devices tab is where Administrators can see their currently available and assigned IP phones. The phones are identified by their MAC address and are associated with extensions. The Administrator can also assign the 911 location for a specific phone by choosing the location in the "e911 Location" tab. Note: phones will not be able to make calls until they have a location assigned. 


e911 Location

The e911 Locations tab is where Administrators can maintain their 911 locations. 


How to setup a new e911 location: 

A company can have as many e911 locations as they have phone numbers. Each location must have a unique phone number assigned. 

Step 1: Click on the  button.

Step 2: Give a unique Location Name (i.e. Main Office or Florida Office).

Step 3: Enter an Address.

Step 4: Choose a Main phone number.

Step 5: Click on  button. 

Step 6: After entering the address, Phonebooth will try to validate the location. It may present you with multiple options. If it is unable to validate the location, please check your location for any errors and re-submit. Keep in mind that we are not able to offer 911 everywhere in the U.S. 


Step 7: Click on the  button.

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