Dial an International Number


How to Dial an International Number

Phonebooth OnDemand offers International calling. There are a few things you must know in order to successfully dial Internationally:

1. Enabling: A Phonebooth customer has International calling turned "OFF" by default. Please contact your Phonebooth Administrator to request International calling privileges.

Note: The Administrator must place a request with Phonebooth Customer Care by opening a support ticket in order to enable this feature. It may take up to 24 hours to enable, and these requests are only fielded during business hours.

2. Availability: At this time, we do not offer International calling everywhere. For a complete list of unavailable countries, click here -->

3. Dialing: There is a special way to dial international numbers.

You must dial "011""Country Code" and then the "Phone Number".

For Alaska & Hawaii or any other North Amarican Numbering Plan (NANP) country, dial the same way you normally call in the U.S. but you may be required to enter the Access Code

4. Enter Access Code: After dialing you will be prompted for an access code. Each company has an access code assigned. Please see your Phonebooth Administrator to obtain your code.

Note: The Administrator must assign this code to you from their portal. Click here for instructions for setting up your company's International calling.
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