T-20 Getting Started Guide

Setting up your phone
The following instructions show how to assemble your Yealink T20 IP-phone.
Packing List

Assembling the Phone

1. Attach the stand, as shown below:
  • For a desk or table setting:
  • For use on a wall:
2. Connect Handset & Headset, as shown below:
3. Connect Network & Power:
There are two ways for network and power source connections. You can either connect the phone to the AC Power directly using the supplied power adapter or use a PoE(Power Over Ethernet) capable switch. Check with a technician or administrator to know which one to use.
Note: If inline Power (PoE) is provided, do not install the AC adapter. Make sure the switch is PoE compliant first.
The phone can also share the same network connection with other network devices such as a PC. Connect the phone's PC port and computer's network Port together using an Ethernet cable, as shown below:
Once everything is plugged in, you are ready to provision your phone to the  Phonebooth service. For further instruction, click TBD;
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