Welcome to your Help Center!


As of Wednesday, 3/26, the Phonebooth Community is shifting focus. The mission of the site, now called the Help Center, will emphasize providing Phonebooth customers with a core library of support documentation. The interactive components of the former Community - discussion boards and suggestion box - will be retired while we concentrate on the support experience.

With this shift, support information will be easier to find, more intuitively organized, and more user friendly. This format change also sets the foundation for an integrated online ticketing system, a top request from our Phonebooth customers.

Please feel free to explore the Help Center. You can search the entire site, or browse through categories and sections to find your area of interest. All documentation from the old Community site has been moved over, plus documentation about Beta Features has been added. Note that the web address has changed, but the old Community site will automatically forward you to the new Help Center. Please remember to bookmark the new site.

In the coming months, we’ll expand on this new foundation with online ticketing, comments, and ratings. Once the support experience meets our (and your) expectations, we’ll bring back Community features such as discussion forums and suggestions as appropriate.

Thanks for being a Phonebooth customer!

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